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J.O.E.Y. B.A.D.A$.$ – SICK VIDEO!!!!


Great Video For Killer Mikes new release ‘BIG BEAST’

Amazing designers!

Nice unofficial video for Royksopp!









Another great ad from Psyop!



Still frames of character designs.




Nice TV ad





Psyop spots for IBM!

To say that Psyop has it down pat would be an understatement. In this latest batch of spots for IBM, Psyop rolls out a trifecta of pure goodness. Each piece is so well crafted as to stand alone, but together they showcase a range — both creative and technical — that few studios can rival. It’s true what they say: Good things come in threes.

UPDATE: Psyop sure keeps us on our toes! We didn’t want these slick, new spots they created for Old Navy’s Funnovations campaign to slip by, so check them out here:GrandmabotCozyscopeBootologist, and The Perfect Pufferizer.

Split second
Big up to the HEAVY animators who made this.

Compositors: Nick Forshee, Alex Perry, Joshua Harvey, Joe Mullen, Moses Journey, Matt Lavoy, Jenny Ko, Helen Hsu, Elizabeth Steinberg, Adam Smith

Music and Sound Design: Antfood
Voiceover Artist: Thor Erickson

Software: Flash, After Effects, Maya


Heres a behing the scenes

Nice use of colour on this animation for MTV.


Retro game graphics – looks fresh


Interesting video

All footage taken from the original Rear Window (1954) directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The order of events is pretty much as seen in the movie.

more info:

Hungarian Dance No. 5
composed by Johannes Brahms
arranged for easy listening by Hugo Winterhalter


Cool inspirational work from James Joyce.

My music video for Hospital records get over 500,000 views in a week !

Here, along with the video are some stats – Shamefull self promotion I know !!

New Physics engine for After Effects !!

The demo is in French and has no subtitles – but you get the idea !

The Chrome Video gets a mention in the Sun !

My Chrome video gets a mention in The Sun !

TRON is a cult classic and the sequel is set to be a smash when it’s released next week.

And the film is the inspiration behind singer CHROME‘s debut video.

You may not be familiar with Chrome but he has already topped the charts, singing the choruses on DIZZEE RASCAL‘s No1 hits Dance Wiv Me and Holiday.

Now pushing forward with his solo career, he is releasing Ooh Now Baby which features UK rap starSTYLAH and is produced by CAUSE AN EFFECT.

And the Tron-inspired video makes a great accompaniment to his track.

Sadly though, he doesn’t get to ride on those amazing motorbikes – but his album could easily speed its way to the top.

Chrome’s forthcoming LP features production from some of the UK’s top music makers, although the names are being kept under wraps for the moment.

And he’s already headlining at top night YoYos, held at the Notting Hill Arts Club, next Thursday for a special album showcase.

I guess it’s just a matter of time before Chrome becomes platinum.


Thought i’d jump on the ‘Blog some snow photos’ wagon

Make your town look like a Russian back street with the use of ‘snow!’



My Stopframe Photography at Glastonbury 2010 !

Glastonbury 2010 ! My Stopframe photography for Mutoid Waste

Glastonbury 2010 was epic. By far the best Glastonbury I have been to! It would be a hard one to top.

Heres a video to help describe what went on !

I used a canon 500d for the stop motion photography.

During the wack time-lapse we did of the sun setting – A guy parachutes down and lands in the festival being instantly thrown out !- we catch a one frame glimpse of him during the time-lapse.


This was just an idea for a Tribe ident.

Filmed with a Canon 500d.



Mode 2 Paints an Exclusive for Mutate Britain !

Mode 2 is what some may refer to as All City. Actually, scratch that – All World. He learned his craft alongside some of the mainstays of the UK hip-hop scene in Central London in the 1980’s and has witnessed the evolution of the art form, from a word of mouth movement to a multi-billion dollar industry. As a member of the renowned graffiti crew, The Chrome Angelz, Mode 2 was one of the first wave of British writers to make an impact on the public consciousness and really introduce this exciting new style of art to the masses. He has painted all over the planet, and having spent the late 80’s and early 90’s in mainland Europe, he has since returned to the UK and continues to produce his own work and crusade for the cause of bringing graffiti to a wider audience.

Here is a time-lapse of Mode 2 painting exclusively for Mutate Britain @ the Exhibition in ladbrooke Grove.

Director – Charley Inman

Graphics – James Harford

A Rat Records Music Video Pitch

This next piece was a pitch Animatic for Rat Records Muscic video.

Artist – Ivory

Track – Heads roll

Screen Shot .1

Shot .02

Animatic .Mov



This is a great vid. Set under the M25 fly-over in ladbrooke Grove – This was an Exhibition set up by Mutate Britain. It was a sweet exhibition -Check it out if you ever get a chance – If it ever happens again !


Director – Jack lomax

Camera – Charley Inman

Graphics – James Harford



Magnetic Man Ident


BBC 2’s No Hats No Trainers managed to track down the superstar producers ‘Magnetic Man’ for an interview for the saturday show.

This was a teaser trailer idea – originally created to use as an epic ending to the interview! But time restraints meant it had to go! Oh well – its one for the blog !



Preview Of ‘The LittleMen’ Music Video

Nick Allens band the Littlemen are set to release there new track ‘Obstacles’.

With a great lead guitar riff and catchy vocals from Simon Allen this track is destined to do well.

Here are a few frames from the upcoming video.

The video see’s the journey of a ‘Littleman’ who dreams of flying and escaping from the dreary life of living away from society.  But his dreams become reality when he finally reaches the rooftop and see that flying is possible.

Based on original artwork from Hellen Aleen.

Created using Photoshop, hand drawings, After effects and Cinema 4d


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