Preview of The ‘Stanton Warriors’ New Video !

One way or another you’ve probably already come into contact with the Stanton Warriors. In recent years they have become most popular and distinctive dance DJ, production and remix outfits about, Mark Yardley & Dominic B – the Stanton Warriors.

As the Stanton Warriors are a group I have followed from early on in there career, when asked if I could produce thier latest video, I was very pleased. Especially when the tracks as hot as this !

Here are a few frames of the video for the track ‘Get Up’.

This is a great record. It features tight lyrical skills from Hollywood Holt on the verses, and a massive hook from London based singer Ruby Goe.

Modeled Using Cinema 4d

Shot on Canon 5d

The cat was the star of the shoot. A real diva ! Believe – this shot was hard to get !

This shot involved 340 ping pong balls bought from a warehouse in north London – Spayed black by me and the lovely ‘Chloe Rahall’. The effects created looked almost as if the balls were CGI !
Here is a good shot of Mark and Dom – Both were shot in the same position, doing the same action with a slow zoom – the shots were edited flashing together – to give the impression of a morph style effect.

Client – Three sixty group

Artists – Stanton Warriors

Role – Director, Post Production, Producer


Assistant producer – Chloe Rahall

Cameras  – Will Thorne, Yemi Bamiro

Artist Styling – Chloe Rahall

Wardrobe – Chloe Rahall, Jess Seckington

3 Responses to “Preview of The ‘Stanton Warriors’ New Video !”
  1. marilyn harford says:


  2. CJ says:

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. jeckal007 says:

    Should be out by Spring 2011…

    Watch this space !

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