Mode 2 Paints an Exclusive for Mutate Britain !

Mode 2 is what some may refer to as All City. Actually, scratch that – All World. He learned his craft alongside some of the mainstays of the UK hip-hop scene in Central London in the 1980’s and has witnessed the evolution of the art form, from a word of mouth movement to a multi-billion dollar industry. As a member of the renowned graffiti crew, The Chrome Angelz, Mode 2 was one of the first wave of British writers to make an impact on the public consciousness and really introduce this exciting new style of art to the masses. He has painted all over the planet, and having spent the late 80’s and early 90’s in mainland Europe, he has since returned to the UK and continues to produce his own work and crusade for the cause of bringing graffiti to a wider audience.

Here is a time-lapse of Mode 2 painting exclusively for Mutate Britain @ the Exhibition in ladbrooke Grove.

Director – Charley Inman

Graphics – James Harford


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